Rent: Mobile Point-of-Sale for iOS "Acorn" ($11.98 rental plus $58 refundable deposit)

Regular price $69.98 Sale

We call this innocent looking but hardcore money-making piece of equipment the Acorn. Fits with any iOS device as long as you're running the current Ticketbud app on your device (requires iOS 9.0.3 or later). You must be using Ticketbud's internal processor to use the Point of Sale. Stripe and Paypal are not supported payment providers. 

The Point of Sale can handle both chip and swipe transactions. Pricing per ticket, passed on to the attendee, is 2.8% of the ticket price plus $0.40. We'll cover the processing charge. You focus on actually running your event! 

Important: We recommend ordering hardware devices a minimum of 2 weeks before your event, allowing some buffer time should there be shipping delays. This will also give us time to talk with you about best practices for using the Point of Sale device at your event. You can upgrade shipping to get items faster. Ticketbud is not responsible for shipping delays.

Please note: This is a device rental and the price includes a $58.00 refundable deposit. Your deposit will be refunded when you return the device in good working condition without damage within 7 days of the end of your event.